AMF Value

Promoting Abundance – Improving Safety

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Promoting Abundance

AMF’s Programs deliver value to every Alaskan

Roadkill Salvage Team Support – Over 700+ moose per year are killed by vehicles on Alaska’s roadways. AMF uses their purpose built trucks to efficiently transport most of these moose to 2,000+ “Salvage Teams” or “Charities” that are registered with the Alaska State Trooper Roadkill Salvage program. The moose that AMF deliver are an important source of high quality protein for many Alaskan households. Click here to see the Food Impact of the Roadkill Salvage Program.





Wildlife Data Collection – Good management comes from accurate and meaningful data. At each accident scene, AMF collects accident data, animal data, and in some cases tissue samples that are used by the Department of Fish & Game to support wildlife management decisions.






Habitat Enhancement – AMF owns a 50,000 pound Roller Chopper. This piece of equipment is rented by public agencies (like the Alaska Division of Forestry and Alaska Department of Fish & Game), Native Corporations, and private companies for clearing land and making habitat more productive for many game species. During the fire season of 2015, our Roller Chopper also saw action as a firefighting tool used to create fire brakes around Mentasta and Tok.




Coming Soon…

No Parts Left Behind – Distributing the parts you don’t want to the people that do.

Specimens for Students – Organs, fetuses, bones etc. for hands on learning in Alaskan schools.


Improving Safety

AMF is an important tool for Law Enforcement. AMF services help officers be where they need to be- fighting crime, rather than tending a dead moose cleanup. Prior to AMF, when a moose was killed by a vehicle, an officer would stay at the scene until the Salvage Team finished removing the animal. This process could easily take two hours or more. Now, using the AMF model, most officers simply place a flare marking the moose and move on to their next call. The Law Enforcement Impact is: More officer time available to fight crime.




AMF has 100% response rate to salvage calls. Since the resumption of operations in September 2015 AMF has responded to over 1,100 salvage calls. We operate in any weather 24 x 7. The average time AMF spends at a moose pickup is just under eight minutes.

The impact to Salvage Teams is:

  • Focus on processing and distributing meat.
  • Avoid the travel and roadside danger.
  • Avoid the investment and expense for the equipment to transport large animals efficiently and safely.



Increasing Public Safety By
Maximizing the Value of Roadkill Wildlife

This document was published to the Alaska Departments of: Administration, Public Safety, Fish & Game, and Transportation and Physical Facilities. Read the AMF White Paper  to find out the details of the value AMF delivers and why our policy makers need to take AMF seriously.


The following is a sample of feedback from our Facebook page that illustrates the Impact of the AMF model:

L. Benner

“Great job delivering the road kill moose. This service is wonderful. In the past we have gone out and picked up the moose which is kind of nerve racking on the side of a busy road. Now you deliver it right to our door.”

M. Knight

“Don dropped off a cow on Saturday night and helped my husband unload it right into our garage! Talk about curbside service! This is a big step up from the old days of dragging the kids out while you go look for the carcass and try to get it back home.”

C. Zmuda

“Delivered the moose right to our garage in -30 weather! So very thankful for the meat & for the community service they provide – thank you!”