Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the Roadkill/Wildlife Salvage List?

The Wildlife Salvage Program is run by the Alaska State Wildlife Troopers. To get on the Wildlife Salvage List, you need to apply. You can get an application at any Alaska State Trooper office or Alaska Fish & Game office. There is no charge for this service.

How do I get a moose delivered by AMF?

AMF will pick up and deliver ANY animal, for any salvage or removal- not just roadkill. To get your Salvage animal picked up and delivered by AMF, you may call us 24 x 7 at (866) 559-2416. However, priority goes first to our Salvage Team/Charity Group Members. The membership cost is $100.00 per year for 24 x 7 coverage for any wildlife salvage call. If you are Salvage Team/Charity Group Member, AMF guarantees the pick-up and delivery of any salvage animal for you- not just roadkill. To get an AMF membership, click on the membership option .

What if I don’t have an AMF Membership? Will AMF still salvage an animal for me?

AMF drivers love to deliver this service and will always do their best to accommodate your need. However, the AMF driver on duty will decide this at that time on a case-by-case basis. It will be their judgment call based upon their workload, schedule, weather, distance, expense, and any extraordinary risks involved. Remember- if you ARE a Member, we are obligated to take care of you. If you are not, there is no guarantee.

Does AMF process the moose and deliver packaged meat?

No. We only deliver whole animals.

What about Moose that were hit by trains or poached? What about Bear, Caribou, Horses, etc.? Will AMF pick those up too?

Yes, AMF will salvage any animal.

How far off-road will AMF go to salvage an animal?

The cable on our winches is 100 feet long. AMF drivers carry two, 100 foot extensions for a total of 300 feet. We are willing to use good trails etc. to access animals within the safe limits of the capabilities of out trucks.

I’ve been on the  salvage list for a long time without getting a call. When will I get called?

The Alaska State Wildlife Troopers are in charge of the salvage program and the salvage list.  You may want to call the ASWT Salvage List Manager at the following numbers:

Anchorage/ Mat-Su (907) 373-8305 or (907) 745-4247



Does AMF pick & choose who gets a moose, or control the order of who is called for receiving a moose?

No. Only the Alaska State Wildlife Troopers have access to the salvage list. AMF does not have any any influence on who or when people on the list get called.

Where am I/what position am I in on the roadkill salvage list?

AMF does not know this. Only the Alaska State Wildlife Troopers have access to the salvage list. AMF does not have any any influence on who or when people on the list get called.

Is AMF part of the government?

No. AMF is a non-profit charity. Is not not part of any government agency.

What type of business is AMF/Is AMF a Charity?

AMF is an Alaska Non-Profit Corporation and a 501 c3 Charity in Good Standing with the IRS.

If I donate money to the AMF is it tax deductible?

Yes- but check with your tax adviser to be sure.

Does AMF get grants or other funds from the government?

AMF has not received any government grant funds since 2015. AMF has not received any government contract funds since February 2017.

Will Public Safety Dispatchers call AMF first for a salvage?

Presently, no. If you are a Salvage Team contact, you will receive the first call. Then you call AMF at (866) 559-2416 go pick up your salvage animal.