Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

As you know, AMF delivers huge benefits to the citizens of Alaska for a relatively minimal cost.

However, the Legislators and Policy Makers need your input so that our programs will exist and function to their highest benefit for YOU!

Please make YOUR voice heard in Juneau by submitting your Letter of Support for the AMF Roadkill Salvage Team Support Program.

Please email your Letter of Support to info@alaskamoosefederation.org or use the form below. You can simply check the form letter, or tell your own story about the value that you receive from AMF programs.

Letter of Support

Recent Comments

A. Davis
Our first year on the list and we got a call. We needed the meat bad too. It was very appreciated. Thank you for this organization, and the opportunity to put meat on our table. Life has been rough the past two years. So this moose meant a lot to us.

C. Cooper
We are on the list and received a 57 in bull last night that fed four families. One family has a baby on the way in only 10 days and was afraid to hunt in case she went into delivery. Thanks so much for your hard work and making families feel relieved for the winter to come.

M. Knight
Don dropped off a cow on Saturday night and helped my husband unload it right into our garage! Talk about curbside service! This is a big step up from the old days of dragging the kids out while you go look for the carcass and try to get it back home.

G. Vaughn
They dropped off a small cow this weekend that was greatly appreciated, giving two families some fresh meat for the winter.

C. Zmuda
Delivered the moose right to our garage in -30 weather! So very thankful for the meat & for the community service they provide – thank you!

S. Hight
Making a big job much easier especially for us disabled vets and single moms!! Thank you!

M. Arvidson
Their great, dropped it right off at our door. Last time we had to pick it up.

L. Benner
Great job delivering the road kill moose. This service is wonderful. In the past we have gone out and picked up the moose which is kind of nerve racking on the side of a busy road. Now you deliver it right to our door. We always appreciate receiving the moose meat since it’s raised free range and locally grown organic. We are thankful knowing we can have some meat in our freezer that lasts awhile.

A. Wolfe
I’m Glad we have this Program ! The Folks who run it are awesome and did a wonderful Job for us . Thank you so much and keep up the great work. The calf we got is feeding 4 family’s we used all the meat we could get off it.